Samsung t340g Review

As I sat down to begin my intro Samsung t340g review, all I had to go on initially was the basic technical info. And that’s understandable since the Samsung t340g hasn’t arrived at the market for sale yet, so I hope you guys out there appreciate the effort I put in just to make a respectable review.

But as I’ve said earlier, a review will be difficult to make, so you’re going to have to put up with a “preview” of this cell phone momentarily – if this doesn’t discourage you, then feel free to move on to the next paragraph to learn more.

To start, you’ll notice the letter “g” at the end of its model name (Samsung t340g) – this (for those who didn’t know) tells us that the said phone operates on the GSM network. Additionally, this feature phone is dual-band, and doesn’t come with 3g capabilities.

More data I was able to gather tells us it is indeed a slide-type phone, coming in the color black. Overall design is pretty stylish – its good looks alone will definitely help it sell well.  And when it does come out for sale, it’ll be made available through the prepaid carrier Straight Talk.

While this device showed up on Straight Talk’s web site some time ago, it only went on sale from them around May 18 - in fact, it’s so recent that as I write this article I haven’t yet received the Samsung t340g I ordered from Straight Talk. Also, more sources tell me that there’s a possibility that there’ll be Net10 and TracFone versions coming out sometime in the near future – so as you can see an attempt to target the prepaid market here is being made, which is good news.

Moving forward, functions of the Samsung t340g include the usual feature phone functions, like the camera, which is passable if not impressive at 1.3megapixels. We also have an mp3 player included in the bag of goodies plus Bluetooth – the last mentioned feature here is more than able to connect to a wireless Bluetooth headset. Yes, I’m implying that it can handle data exchange too, which is something you all can look forward to.

More nifty features worth mentioning include a 1000 entry phone directory, mobile web browser, impressive battery life (up to  8 days standby, 5 hours talk time), expandable memory card slot and last but not least, it’s hearing aid compatible.

As I said, I’ve got this model on order from Straight Talk. Check in on all my reviews of the Samsung T340g on this page.